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Meet Sangeeta Malhotra
Our Founder


After over two decades of corporate experience, Sangeeta suddenly took a plunge to follow her heart , quit the corporate arena and founded TWILIGHT ESCAPADES, her boutique Travel Company to provide experiential Holiday Experiences to their clients across the world.

She created a team of young travel advisors from all across India who work in the comfortable space of their own homes and deliver an end to end travel experience to their clients. In the past seven years, she and her team has crafted itineraries and expeditions to over 72 countries across the globe.

Says Sangeeta " Its our endeavour for travelers to explore new places, experimenting with new food , embracing the customs of the places they travel and soaking in all that the journey has to offer. "


If you are a soul who is hungry to go on a journey to unseen lands, get personalized service, relish global cuisines and discover the pleasure of exploring different places, Contact Us to create beautiful holiday or honeymoon memories for you. 

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